The unrealistic view in the fitness industry.

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How many times do you hear “I wish I had her figure” or “I had his arms or abs” or “I wish I was as fit as? (Fill in the blank)”…well in the fitness industry we hear it nearly on a daily basis. What we need to do is look at it from a different point of view. We need to stop comparing ourselves to others (I myself am sometimes guilty of this) if we see a certain person from a football team, mma fighter, crossfit athlete or physique athletes who performs to a high level we instantly think why am I not looking or performing that way. When the logical thing should be looking at what I am doing in my own training and diet and adjusting it accordingly to my goals so I can achieve my goals quicker.

I’m not saying don’t be ambitious or hold yourself to a high standard…but make it a realistic standard. We don’t know what said athlete is doing or what there diet is. But the word we neglect to look at Is athlete. We are not all athletes, I am definitely not an athlete.

Most athletes get paid to perform or look a certain way this means they will look for a step ahead -they will be willing to do the small things such as going to bed early, missing out on family meals or nights out with friends to avoid the slice of cake or the dreaded hangover. They also might take performance enhancing drugs, (not all performance enhancers are illegal) pre workout , diarettics and some fat burners are legal however some people will take steroids or illegal enhancers. The point I’m getting at is when your in the gym or on instagram, Facebook or whatever your looking at don’t feel bad about how you look cause you perceive someone looks better.

Accept we are all a work in progress.

By Iain Halkett


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